On The Dead Cannot Consent

...Jason Siegel, a genius? The scale of perception here is so fully skewed, the choices and discriminations so lame, that none of Ms. Bustillo's discernments, warrants, or arguments can be trusted. This is parody, this article, yes? Jeff, Who Lives at Home is unwatchable; The Spectacular Now is a bit of After School Movie pap. Putting Wallace's life in the hands of these specific movie makers, and then having Bustillos defend them, is compounding terrible aesthetic choices, until a sort of vortex of errancy threatens to whisk away any hope we might have of speaking of DFW's work--the fiction, not the motion picture--intelligently. Jason Siegel as DFW...a young Monte Hall to play Kerouac? (Why didn't they do that in 1967?) It's all compounded hackery. It's actually a new tech-age, high-irony kitsch that's being invented right under our eyes. Both the DFW movie and Ms. Bustillo's defense of it fit inside this new paradigm of atrocious taste.

Posted on April 24, 2014 at 5:34 pm 1