On The Tortilla's Last Light

Where's the bowl? All I see is a paper plate. And Tabasco on Mexican food is gross. Where's the Tapitio?

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On Provocations of a Bad Jingle Writer

There is a dog doo scraping quality about doing creative work for agencies. The bar is too high, the audience and client too numb. This holds true for copy, artwork, music, app design, anything. It's better to accept the dreadful aroma and push forward with optimal enthusiasm, if only to set an example for the burnt out agency cretins.

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On The Ads We Deserve

I had my Facebook account hacked in 2011. This led to illegal use of credit cards, hacking of email and other online accounts, and an attempt at early withdrawal of my pension. Stay away from Facebook. You do not want everyone knowing everything about you.

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On The Perils of Assuming That the Flying Rodent on Your Porch Is Dead

I have also had bats fly right into my face when I lived in Connecticut. The 90 year old woman next door at the time informed me that they "Get in your hair and suck your brains out."

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On What Not to Stream

I've managed to watch 5 minutes of some of these. The last one I agree with 100%. Anything TED: Ugh.

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On A Guide to Visiting Iceland on July 16th, 2014

Interesting commentary. It reminded me of the time me and my boyfriend drove to Newfoundland from New York. The sun barely set there and the bugs were spurious. We ate cubensis mushrooms and stayed in the tent when it rained, then went on some amazing hikes during the better weather. Later, we traded some mushrooms for hash with one of the super-friendly locals.

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On The Airbnb Hole

Appropriate logo! I tried Airbnb a few times and hated it. The people that use the service are lonely, neurotic and weird. I'll pay the extra for a good hotel room with privacy and health department inspections

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On This Week in Lines

Waiting for the next queue. Or is it queueing up for the next wait?

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On Alexander Shulgin, 1925-2014

I read this and audibly let out an "awwww..."

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On Ask Polly: I Have a Perfect Life But My Insides Are Rotting

I had it all: six figure salary, a man who loved me, supportive and caring friends, and a completely insane family background. I was seeing different therapists once a week but they were terrible and made no difference at all. What worked for me was finding a therapist outside the established medical system (read as: not overworked) and seeing her THREE times a week, really putting some effort into it. Amazing results can be achieved in a very short time.

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