On The Uncanny Language of Medical Instagram

Ghoulish humor is a common release valve in a lot of fields that put their practitioners in close proximity to human misery, such as medicine, law enforcement, and journalism. There's a great "Homicide" episode in which a crime victim's family overhears a detective squad talking about the incident in a way that just makes things worse -- not through any hardheartedness or lack of empathy, but as a way to gain a little distance from a terrible situation.

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On The Chosen Vegetables

Penzeys sells Aleppo pepper (from Turkey). Unlike okra, it is delicious.

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On Man Persists

Stepping away from the day-to-day seems to have compromised your ability to make me want to open a vein.

This is not a complaint.

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On 'Shy People' and the Consequences of Excavating a Lost Film

"filmed on location in WHERE, Louisiana"?

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On On Giving Up

Read his novel and thank me later when your brain and heart are bigger and better than they are right now:


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On How a Meme Becomes Myth

Not that the headline wouldn't suck just as hard if they did, but reporters at a paper the size of the Post (either one, actually) don't write their own headlines.

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On How To Not Barf

EMETROL. Emetrol, Emetrol, Emetrol. You're welcome.

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On Giving An 'F': Rewriting The History Of FSG

@Julia Kocich@facebook Twice!

Also, Nan Talese does not work at Algonquin.

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On Brenda Russell Is 65

Thanks, Balk. I have enjoyed this song for many, many years without having the slightest inkling that that was the name of it.

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On Meet The Awl

You know who else's birthday is April 20th?

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