On The Internet: It's Pretty Much As Mean As All Of Us

I totally agree with you about the civility and I believe the issues with controlling internet behavior go even further than comments on news or weblogs. It's the shopping, twitter, facebook, gambling, porn, etc; I could go on. The convenience and capabilities of the internet have a tendency to spin out of control and corrode our sanity.

I read the introduction to a book about the internet (the name escapes me, I only read the intro) which compared our struggle to control the tubes with a similar struggle in auto industries to make cars safer back in the 1970s and such. Just food for thought.

My only suggestion for the blogs is that people who are capable enough, which I think many of us are, is to control themselves and choose their battles more wisely. If you want to call someone out for being a jerk-off once and while that's fine. But don't get all masturbatory in your hatred and dissent. People will see right through that.

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On Broken Social Scene, "World Sick"

The men and women of BSS are a bunch of Canadian musical genuises. Thank you for paying credence.

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On Doree Returns (To Gawker)

Moylan deserves/d to defend himself and gets "screamed" at more than anyone would like to admit. It's hard filling a cult figure's shoes but I think he's more capable and has been given almost no credit. Take A.Belonsky, I have absolutely no idea what happened behind the scenes but commenters had their pitchforks out for him and now he's gone. Were either of these men unqualified? No. Are Gawker commenter raging shreiking self involved assholes?* Yes. I would never want to go under that microscope of Gawker as either a writer or a subject. Although it's probably formed a lot of thick skins. That being said, I hate to dish too much about G because I love the Awl. Thank you The Awl, Happy Holidays!

*I'm one.

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On Doree Returns (To Gawker)

This is a good thing.

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