On Idiot Bigot Folksinger Surprises Old Fans By Being Bigoted Idiot

I don't think this is about letting all homophobes off the hook due to mental illness. It's about one individual who rambled somewhat incoherently for about twenty minutes -- including screaming about Christian hypocrites, and then made a bunch of whacky and cryptic statements on the radio and to a print journalist. No the internet is not a great place to go for a mental health diagnosis, but anyone who's been around it, personally or professionally, knows this has a different flavor than your average fundie nonsense.

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On Inside David Foster Wallace's Private Self-Help Library

This was a harrowing trip, and I'm sure not easy to write. It doesn't surprise me that Wallace owned, read and desperately sought answers in those books. Our way of thinking gets set, some of it may be simply be because we are born with certain tendencies. The truth is for someone like Wallace, probably the only thing that could have kept him alive longer would have been the right combination of a trusted competent psycho-pharmacologist, a good therapist -- possibly of the cognitive school -- and supportive friends and family. Even then there would have been dark and desperate times.

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On 'Eat Pray Love' and 'Life During Wartime': Self and Selfishness

Maria thank you for giving me enough information about Eat Pray Love that I never have to actually see it, but can now participate in discussions. Your fans appreciate the hours sacrificed seeing bad films that may have some cultural importance. You do this for all of us.

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On The Tryon in Winter

Beautiful photos of one of my favorite New York places. If you are going to explore the park, you might check out the yoga and tai chi classes as well! Given the price of real estate, it's truly astounding how much of Manhattan is parkland.

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On I Hated 'Avatar' With The Fire Of A Thousand Suns, by Maria Bustillos

Thank you for saving several hours of my life.

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