On Gamergate in Posterity

I'm frankly terrified of this "new" Internet. It has made a mockery of what the old, harmless World Wide Web used to be -- now it's a battleground for freaks and maniacs who are uttering threats that unfortunately are all too real to be ignored.

I post this as an anonymous Facebook user -- I refuse to give out a single real detail to Facebook, or any other online entity except the ones at which I shop -- and pray that those who would wish to harm me will go off to find easier targets.

I just wish someone -- anyone -- could take every single byte of data that has every existed on the Internet since 1975 and permanently erase it -- force everyone to start from scratch. Yes, I know that would erase Wikipedia and all sorts of sites that exist for the well-being of humanity, but it would erase all the poison that permeates the horror that the Web has now become.

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On Questions We Ask the Oldest People

Frankly, I think living to being 110 would b e a fucking drag. All your best friends died so long ago you can no longer remember their names. Your life would be filled with watching people die, die die and die again. people you loved -- all dead -- so long dead that even their descendants don't remember them.

Being immortal would be the ultimate curse; being even semi-immortal, as in surviving past 100 would be horrific.

Dead, dead, dead. That would be your entire life.

I'd rather live fast, in 80 years, and die young, say, 81.

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On The Girl With The YOLO Tattoo

I think this is supposed to be more of a "free-association" kind of narrative than an actual account of something that happened. I think part of her plugging in all those exotic city names and mixing New York in with it all was intended to give it an amazing "world-weary" tone.

What I find disappointing about the piece is actually more the lack of any kind of denouement, no kind of "message" or revelation of well, some REVELATION other than, "I got a tattoo, and this time I really think it means something. But I really can't explain why. However, if I slip in some obscure musician's name that practically no one has ever heard of, it will seem as if I am hipper than a lot of other people, because only truly hip people listen to obscure music and shuffle mindlessly to trendy destinations, then get drunk and decided to have tattoos."

The only thing missing that would truly have made this article a lot hipper is her not mentioning "planking" anywhere in it.

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