On The Airbnb Hole

This is eerily reminiscent of Dave Egger's new thriller/satire novel The Circle, about a company with a very similar logo.

Alternatively, it looks like the two buns that will take up residence of your couch/bed.

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On Nation Completes Recovery

Whether or not it is inappropriate may depend on if your answer to Question #2 is also "Omaha."

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On Who Really Owns The Internet?

Finished it! So good. Must read for any freelancers, writers, developers, editors, bloggers, musicians, everyone who's affected by the internet or has to work with the internet in some way, etc. It makes me appreciate more the Awl Network and some other little online magazines that have cropped in the past year and have great content. Also makes me stop reading and clicking on certain online news sites where the money gets pooled to the CEO and analysts, not the people who create the content..... All in all, thank you, it's great!

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On The Twilight Of The Tortilla: What People Really Order At Chipotle

Is this post supposed to be the sequel to Choire's puke post? Because Chipotle gives me food poisoning.

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On Inexhaustible Trove of Largely Mediocre Video Content Less Cheap

Not upset, but merely excited that House MD is now on netflix. Goodbye, summer.

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On What We're Saying When We Say We Hate Facebook

@lakonislate Also a red flag when you hear this on a date. It's like, what are you hiding?

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On The Life Cycle Of A Pop Song

@Brunhilde Quiet, old man!

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