On Larry David's Rough Night Out With The Aging Literary Lion

That was a treat. More indeed!

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On Julian Schnabel's Painting Encapsulates the Entire History of Painting, and Some Other Stuff Julian Schnabel Told Me In His Ex-Wife's Living Room Last Night

I don't know man, Shapiro is probably my favorite writer in America.

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On Is This the Most 90s Movie of All the 90s?

I'd also argue that Rollerblading is the most 90's recreational pastime.

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On Resume Bias and Plagiarism

She would have been fired, but Katharine Weymouth was worried about plagiarizing Donald Trump.

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On How To Be A Better Liar

I've been running my entire professional life on auto-pilot for the last two-and-a-half years.

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On Mannahatta, Mon Amour

So great.

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On The Emergency Cigarette Plan

No way in hell Choire smokes Marlboro brand.

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On Kanye West And Jay-Z, "That's My Bitch"

Every single thing he creates now becomes an instant mini and sometimes mega-meme this way. I think it's a good thing. There's this unprecedented sense of access while Kanye still seems to be operating on a different plane. He is.

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On You Get 56 Glossy Pages About a Museum in Boston!

Now I don't even have to check it out IRL

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