On The John Oliver Video Sweepstakes


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On Rewriting History in Real Time: A Social Media Guide

@sunnyciegos I think John's point wasn't about the story itself but how it will be re-packaged by other publications and re-contextualized as it is shared across The Social Web.

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On The Homeland Generation

@Ralph Haygood ~As a millennial~ it seems relevant that the word is at least as evocative to me of the TV show as it is the government agency. (And I haven't even seen the show!)

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On The Tortilla's Last Light

What turned me onto bowls was the advice--perhaps apocryphal--that you get more for your money with a bowl, that there's more stuff in there. It feels true, but idk! I wonder if that is why everyone else gets bowls too?

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On Cash and Anxiety on the Weird New Internet

did y'all get tired halfway through writing the tags on this or what

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On Cover Stories

Covers Covered

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On The Eternal Afterlife of Lonesome George

@dinosaur_senior hey thanks, I'm glad!

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On Greeting the World's Largest Dinosaur, Then and Now


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On Memes and Misogynoir

@holdup!holdmyphone! is this an acrostic

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On Um, Is Your Facebook About To Get Less Dumb? Wow.

@Michael Macher go on

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