On Ask Polly: I'm 33 And Single. What Am I Doing Wrong?

@rhodan Unfortunately, guys who are loopy like that tend to be rather common. When another woman I know (in her early 40's with a daughter) went out on what she thought was one really great date with a guy, he suddenly went cold. When she texted him a few days after the date to see what happened, he responded to say "I can't marry you".

Yet neither of them had even brought up the topic of marriage whatsoever on the date. For some reason guys who seem normal at first let their true colors show when it gets dark and take off for their own weird reasons.

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On Ask Polly: I'm 33 And Single. What Am I Doing Wrong?

I can't believe how nonchalant LW is being about how utterly disrespectful this guy was to her. There is nothing more insulting than being tacitly told that you are worth nothing more than a lay on a way over to a friend's house. If some guy I was dating ever made a similar proposal towards me, I would've let him have a piece of my mind. "Let me come and screw you on my way to my buddy's house". Are you kidding me? Is this girl's self esteem so low that she actually feels GUILTY about not letting him come over and use her as a cum rag?

She did the right thing by saying NO, however she should've been way sterner about it too. He totally insulted her. Obviously he could care less about what she thinks; so why was she so worried about whether she hurt his feelings? He obviously never cared about hers. I feel that we as women are often way, wayyyyyy too nice when it comes to men, especially ones who are so blatant in their lack of caring.

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