On Raymond Chandler, In Order

My problem with this listicle without commentary is that it DOES need commentary, or at least it should clarify that it concerns novels only. I suppose limiting it to "Philip Marlowe works" would also help, but would still leave out the short stories, including those featured in *Trouble Is My Business*. Chandler wrote poems and essays for various London literary publications before he wrote *The Big Sleep*. He also wrote a ton of non-Marlowe stories for Black Mask -- only a few of which were converted to Marlowe stories and some of which are included in novel-length anthologies like *The Simple Art of Murder*. What I'm saying is, you left out the short stories dude.

Also, I would have switched *The Lady in the Lake* and *The Little Sister*.

Posted on March 26, 2014 at 5:18 pm 0