On Eyebrows Will Always Get You In The End

In the south you do the wedding announcement so your mother can bask in the glory of having successfully divested her chattel at the next Junior League charity floral arranging event. But only if you marry a lawyer, a doctor or the son of someone socially viable. Or so I hear.

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On Exclusive 'Party Down' Season Finale Preview

I am in love with the person who commented on the last Balk "Party Down" post that s/he was going to name his/her band Hard Sci Fi. (Too lazy to look it up.)Call me!

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On Target Tearing Through Gaultier "Clothing Line"

Maura, I have a black 3/4-length sleeve funnel-neck Persian lamb coat from the very first Isaac Mizrahi collection for Target. People run across streets to ask where I got it. Those days are gone.

And Carpet, I say you better WERQ (to quote my most flamboyant stylist friend) that Miley top! (double snap in a "z" shape)

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On Target Tearing Through Gaultier "Clothing Line"

Kitten: I think that is true now, but some of the earlier collections were fantastic - the Luella Bartley, Temperley, Proenza and Patrick Robinson stuff was all well made and featured plenty of natural fibers. Over time, the price point has come up and the quality way, way down.

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On Target Tearing Through Gaultier "Clothing Line"

Jolie, I don't know you but I beg you not to do it. That dress is deceptive - I guarantee you that it's one of those things that you think is going to be slinky and vintage, and then you touch it and it's that stiff poly blend like those dresses they sell at street fairs. Except it won't smell like patchouli, which is certainly a plus.

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On Dick Ravitch Might Want To Book A Table At Luger's Soon

We are slowly moving one step closer to the Governor Pedro Espada administration.

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On Moammar Gadhafi Is Sick Of Those Annoying Knives

Moammar Gadhafi: Both fabulously stylish and unafraid to voice unspeakable truths.

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On Matt Cherette Is Going To Move To New York City

Again, agreed.

Despite my best intentions, I am a sensitive soul, and I hope that Matt can see that all of this (points up and down) isn't really about him.

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On Matt Cherette Is Going To Move To New York City

Yes. My feelings about "What This Post Means" are substantially overshadowed by my feeling that Matt is a good egg and deserves the best.

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On Liveblogging the Friskies "Adventureland" Commercial

We ultimately respected their right to privacy by not publicly posting images of them wearing pink boas and bondage collars while being viciously attacked by purple turkeys.

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