On The Uber Bomb Detonates in New York

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On How to Make a Good Salad Without Dumb Leaves

i love alt salads. made a good one for lunches this week - green beans, corn, broccoli, celery and scallions with black beans in a spicy asian dressing. sometimes i do it with red cabbage, green beans a grated carrots.

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On 2014 March Madne$$: The School Tuitions Of The NCAA Bracket

HAHAHAHAHHA you made fun of american university YOU ARE SO FUCKING CLEVER!!!!!! see, because IT'S SO FUNNY! they can't even be as good as GW at overcharging assholes for their education, in a bracket based on sports records- no wait, just the men's basketsball team's record alone! AHAHAHAHAH, HILARIOUS!

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