On "Hiii, Mr. Cartoon!" An Appreciation Of Local Kid Shows Past

You're right, it is Jule.


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On "Hiii, Mr. Cartoon!" An Appreciation Of Local Kid Shows Past

Woo-hoo Kanawha Valley in da house!

I remember when they had the contest to name the newly introduced furry sidkick. I dutifully made my suggestions (and I think we had to mail them on postcards or index cards.) Then Mr. Cartoon announced one day that they had received nine entries (or something) that contained the correct answer and that they would draw the winner from among those nine. Wait, what? I thought this was a contest to name the mascot, not to guess the correct name that you had already picked. WTF Mr. Cartoon?

Sure, the fact that the mascot carried around an old fashioned horn with a rubber ball he would squeeze to blow the horn might have been a clue, but that is a horn, not a "beeper."

Also, I always thought his names was Jules Huffman, not Jule.

Thanks for reminding me of Mr. Cartoon. I remember the first time that I tried to discuss Mr. Cartoon with somebody from some far away place, like Wheeling. They'd never heard of him. How was that possible. I wondered.

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On Manohla Flips for 'Avatar'

"...a barking circus of pinwheels and fire."

I'd pay nine bucks to see that.

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