On The Rise And Fall Of Grunge Typography

Great article, especially recognizing that Grunge Fonts were really a product of their time, and that nostalgia won't recreate the same association and expression, because the spirit of the time isn't coming back. Though I think this era of retro timeless, elegance, and conciseness is going to be the default for the near future. I think much like in music and art, the democratization of tools and distribution in design, also means that consensus movements or trends are nearly impossibly today in our personalized, niche environment; except for mainstream industry standards, which will always go conservative as a default without any new consensus movement to force its way into adoption industry wide, waiting in the wings.

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On The Ugly-Beauty Of Brutalism

@DoctorDisaster Oh no that's... Cyclists sneaking up behind CARS with a chair shot to the back!!! We have a three way match going!

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On The Ugly-Beauty Of Brutalism

@riggssm No there was healthy opposition from the general public, even in the 50's and 60's, when they were tearing down those Victorian structures. Best example; the demolition of the old Pen Station in Manhattan, the backlash was the start of the end of Robert Moses' vice grip on the modern development of NY, the patron saint of Brutalism himself!

You're using the same argument used by the developers and urban planners of the time, who along with bureaucratic institutions, simply tuned out public opposition back then.

It's the same argument used with the 60's-70's trend of demolishing the old jewel box stadiums, now considered lost classic works of architectural art and civic beauty. Only the owners, developers, and government civic planners wanted the concrete doughnuts that replaced them, but their tone deaf story of demand for modern structures to replace the supposedly run down(purposely allowed to become run down, to induce local governments to fund modern multi purpose stadiums) stuck because it was repeated enough. The actual people who went to those modern doughnuts, along with the players hated them, and said they had no idea which one they were ever in, because they all had the same anonymous character.

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On How To Make Sofrito, The DIY Condiment

Ben, the recipe for arroz con granules, normally called arroz con gandules by Puerto Ricans, Domincans, and Cubans, normally uses either chopped ham, sauteed pork, or chopped sausage of choice. That bacon thing is part of an internet recipe floating around on spanish recipe sites. Bacon's used in a quick pinch by Hispanics in a rice dish, in place of other more meatier hams or pork. Vienna sausage is normally the quick, cheap substitute, which became common with Hispanics living in the mainland U.S, in the mid 20th century when they migrated to neighborhoods in US cities, were fresh pork had to be substituted for daily rice dishes, due to lack of easy daily access, and cost.

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On How To Make Sofrito, The DIY Condiment

@Kyle Dosskey@twitter No, sofrito and salsa are not interchangeable based on region or latin group, they're universally two different things. Caribbean latin sofrito as most other latin groups' sofrito is not a dip, it's a cooking base that is used as the flavor and spice base for hot rice dishes, stews, and soups. It's too strong based on the high amount of concentrated raw, fresh garlic, spices, bell peppers, and cilantro to be eaten raw as a dip.

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On Scott LaRock Would Have Been 50 Years Old Today

@23abraxas People always say Paid In Full is what ushered in the Golden Age, but I always point to the production, beats and lyrics of Criminal Minded as the start of that era. @Niko, that's probably the best way you could describe listening to it for the first time!

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On 'Project X': Why Doesn't Hollywood Get Young People?

Cracked wrote something about why Hollywood never gets depictions of work places right, they said it's because Hollywood is insular and therefore can only depict things in relation to their work or life setups.

I think the same thing goes here. Either most of the people producing movies in Hollywood are either people without kids and don't really interact with them, or aren't really doing the heavy lifting of raising their own kids and interact with them more as acquaintances, so they don't really know today's kids and just think they're all living lives like the children of industry people.

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On Why Can't Dudes Have Sex in the Popular Movies?

@El Knid A lot of that is true, but what also gets overlooked is the over self policing of the ratings system, that instantly makes a film with an erect penis in the movie, a NC-17 rated film. The specter of heavy handed government involvement in content has scared Hollywood into policing itself to ensure that the largest audience possible can see the film in theaters.

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On What Do the Salafists Want? On Egypt, Sharia and Israel

@Bobby Womack I definitely agree with that point. You're free to choose your destiny but our foreign aid and tax dollars do not have to fund it. I agree that any country that denies human rights to any human beings period, doesn't deserve our tax dollars, but that also extends to our ally that get's billed as the only democracy in the region and yet itself exists in a state of apartheid.

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On What Do the Salafists Want? On Egypt, Sharia and Israel

@Bobby Womack Good points, but it's not up to us in the west to pick and choose where we inflect our values onto others, and our track record of exporting those values along with our democracy is not a very good one. We sort of lost that moral authority over the world, with the various repressive governments we've chosen to support over the past four decades, because of benefit to our own interests, not the people living within those states. Evolution of social mores and ideology are growing pains that people emerging from these governments have to go through themselves.

The whole point of the Arab Spring was for people to choose their own political destiny for better or worse.

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