On Seriously, Fuck You, "Kindle Unlimited"

$10 not a big deal. No really. My time is worth more than that. Digging around in a library is so 1980's... If I really need free, I can always pirate a book.. there are 1000's of collections of books already scanned and nicely packaged in torrents. I currently pay $45 a month for access to technical books and videos Via (Safari books on line). I consider it well worth it, as technical books don't age well and I really don't want to waste the time adding more books to my library more of which I've started throwing away.

If you want something to bitch about... how about $20 a day parking fee's in San Francisco.
There's a waste of money and a ripoff.

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On What $2000 Gets You in Brownstone Brooklyn

What I would do is buy cheap big screen tv's and hang them on the wall's where you would have liked to had windows. Then hang wireless cameras outside the building.. Or better yet.. stick wireless cameras some place with a better view.. Then Wa-LA... you have the best little crib in new york.

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