On Don't Meat the Eggplant

I love, love, love eggplant and I, too, have been trying to convince people (my boyfriend) of its deliciousness when cooked properly. I made a shitty eggplant parmesan last night that failed because I didn't fry the eggplant to optimal texture before shoving it in the oven. Ugghhh. There's so much left and it's haunting my fridge.

Anyway, eggplant is delicious. A++++.

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On How to Work for the Enemy and Feel Just Fine

Hold the phone. You were on Jeopardy????

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On Royal Baby Photoshop Shocker


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On The Dead Cannot Consent

@Taffeta Darling I also haven't read the book, so I don't know if there's even room for that.

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On The Dead Cannot Consent

@Taffeta Darling Though, now that I think about it, I have no idea how that would go. I guess I'm just speaking from my hatred of most movies these days, since they nearly all go for either over-the-top sentiment or explosions.

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On The Dead Cannot Consent

@jfruh Sure, that's why I said "the LCD that they can get away with." I don't mean Adam Sandler–flick low, I mean twisting DFW's story into some sort of easily digestible "suffering genius" narrative a la A Beautiful Mind or something, so that his extreme depression is presented as also sort of cool and exciting and mind bending, which I don't think is either fair or even remotely accurate. (That treatment was probably unfair to the guy behind A Beautiful Mind, too.) I don't know if that's a crazy fear on my part, but I *really* don't want them to make his plight palatable by giving it some sort of "edge."

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On The Dead Cannot Consent

@Tulletilsynet I think the only thing people are getting worked up about here is that there are many chances for the movie to fail miserably: a laughable impersonation on Segel's part and/or appealing to the lowest common denominator they can get away with are the two that come to my mind. I guess there's a greater onus on this movie to be GOOD because David Foster Wallace's work is so widely respected and admired, and anything less than the best will probably feel pretty cheap.

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On The Dead Cannot Consent

While I agree with this in spirit, I can't understand what "value" the movie is going to add to Wallace's legacy. Why attempt to cinematically flesh out a presence that is so incandescent, so forceful within the work of the author himself? I like Jason Segal and Jesse Eisenberg, but it's hard not to see this movie as something of a vulturous attempt to suss out something about the author that the author himself didn't give to his audience.

Who knows, though. It could be great.

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On Ask Polly: Should I Have This Baby?

You have a lot of people rooting for you, LW. Focus on how great and lovable you are, and be strong.

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On Checking In With My Pile Of Rejected 'New Yorker' Cartoons

I could see the ghost one in the New Yorker, for sure. It's good! Bob (haha) could have gone for that one, at least.

Thanks for sharing! I miss seeing Esther Werdiger cartoons.

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