On A Cat-Sized Chinchilla Objects to Media Narrative

"And who writes this shit anyway?
It's a disservice to all cat-sized chinchillas!
Balk even ignores the bears these days
My chinchilla kingdom for Maria Bustillas..."

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On Polly Asks: New York Magazine Wants Me to Write Ask Polly For Them. Should I Tell Them to Piss Off?

Mazel tov, Heather! You deserve it!

That said, I wish The Awl would stop with the nurturing.

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On An Interview with Black Metal's Green Prophet (of Doom)

My hope is that, for the sake of all that is just, you'll also run an interview with Green Metal's Black Prophet.

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On To Karl Ove Knausgård, Re: Your Tortured Feelings for the Gays

@KarenUhOh Ibsen was a riot. And, after a few drinks, Liv Ullmann?

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On The Uniform Outfit

I'd say dude needs to Shirterate...

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On The Inflatable Thought Leader

I did some quasi-academic ghosting before "content" was a thing. It was humiliating in all the ways Ms. Westervelt describes. It's just some kind of fucked-up ironic that HuffPo will let you write for free under your own name all day long but if you wanna get paid "real" money you need to clandestinely animate some douche who's already pulling down millions for being a douche.

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On New York Times Executive Editors Ranked, After Much Deliberation

@Elon Green@twitter And so, after much deliberation, he's better than Abe Rosenthal?

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On New York Times Executive Editors Ranked, After Much Deliberation

Given the magnitude of the Judy Miller and Jayson Blair shitshows, how is it that Howell Raines appears *anywhere* on this list?

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On Ask Polly: I Have Absolutely No Idea What I Need to Be Happy

My God, Polly...you are the best.

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On Bear Saved

Balk has ceded the bear beat? It is officially The End Times.

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