On The Writer Who Beat The System: How One Woman Resurrected Her Sexy Vampire Brothers

@adub The Arthurian books are Night of the Solstice & Heart of Valor. She's planning a sequel (and has also promised sequels for Forbidden Game and Dark Visions), but all that seems to take a back seat to Vampire Diaries.

The article is interesting, but very one-sided. I see no mention of how Smith mistreated some of her fans--the very fans who kept her fandom active and vital for around 10 years while she wasn't writing. She's played various parts of her fanbases off each other (saying one thing to Damon/Elena fans, another to Damon/Bonnie fans) and made all sorts of promises she never kept.

To my knowledge, Harper/Alloy haven't publicly commented on her dismissal. Until they do, we only get her side of the story. It's a little rash to call her "heroic" when you don't know all the details.

Strange Fate, for reference, was supposed to be out in 1998. It's still not out. Why? Because Smith is playing around with stuff like Evensong.

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