On Ask Polly: My Boyfriend Thinks I'm Clingy and This Terrifies Me

@irenejoy DAMN RIGHT. The moment I hear the word "clingy" I pack and go, because that's a bright red flag to me.

LW: Dump this tool masquerading as a man and get that soft chewy centre back on track.

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On Standing by Your Man

@Narol Denison@facebook The first (of two) full stop in this paragraph winks at me from the ninth line with the self-assurance of snake-oil in a pretty bottle. Spells and ignoring of boundaries take precedence, I know, but it's worth remembering to breathe, dear spambot.

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On How a Meme Becomes Myth

Oh wow, that's sad. I really enjoyed discovering Slender Man - mostly through the various games created from the myth. I loved playing the indie game Slender and watching other gamers' Let's Play sessions with the various Slender Man games. Such a shame that this happened, that these kids took it way out of hand.

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On Some Notes on the Great Fermentation

I was with you until I saw the tag about Sriracha. How dare you.

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On The Infinite Lives of 'Jolene'

@geekspice ny I think it's meant to be "that man's wife"?

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On How to Write

So writer. Much real. Wow.

Okay, seriously, this was great. I like your honesty and I agree with you on the exercise thing. I don't ever resent taking an hour or two every day to exercise. Sure I'd have more time to write, but a healthy body promotes a healthy mind! And sleep. It helps with the sleep thing too. Also with my complexion and my thought process.....eh, who am I kidding, I exercise so that I can eat pizza while I sob into my keyboard at how little I've done. Worth it. I should emulate you and get some kale in me instead.

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On Showtime, Synergy


I'm so glad he turned out to be good people - a Rio to your Jem and Jerrica, if you will. Like other commenters, I'd love to read more.

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On Why Is America Turning To Shit?

Well, shit.

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On Ask Polly: I'm Turning 30 And Anxiety Is Ruining Me

This was brilliant, as always. LW: BIG INTERNET HUGS coming your way. Follow through with the advice. You won't regret it.

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