On When a Man Grabs You on the Subway and Tries to Drag You Down a Flight of Stairs

This is made so much worse by the fact that it was on the stairs. If he had done this on flat ground - excessive and scary, but not insanely so. But on STAIRS? If he had miscalculated at all and pulled a bit too hard, he could have ended up not just injuring Nozlee but maybe even several people. Really, guy? Is letting a woman known that she "pushed" you worth causing a dangerous pile-up on the stairs? I understand why Nozlee was so rattled.

Posted on September 2, 2014 at 12:39 pm 2

On Ask Polly: I Moved To A New City To Be With An Emotional Vampire

I'm sure this is not what the letter writer was expecting when she wrote in, but this is absolutely perfect advice and I really hope she follows it.

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