On Ask Polly: A Chilling Cautionary Tale About the Dangers of Getting Involved With Attached People

Just so y'all know -- there's a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT Ask Polly on The Cut today. It's like getting a special bonus dose of Polly! :)

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On Journalism Funded

Eeewwwwww. They really just asked us to crowdfund an employee's salary and benefits.

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On Polly Asks: New York Magazine Wants Me to Write Ask Polly For Them. Should I Tell Them to Piss Off?

This is all really great. I love that the Awl is so cool about its mission statement. I love also that you're so clear about what you need to be yourself no matter where you write the column. OMG IT'S LIKE RELATIONSHIPS AGAIN being yourself is so important

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On How to Plagiarize a Fart Joke

Am I missing the joke? It's pretty clear that both Honan and Weingarten thought up the fart metaphor independently. If plagiarism now means being responsible for reading every single tweet to see if someone has already quipped your quip, we have problems.

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On Seriously, Fuck You, "Kindle Unlimited"

@RJ Blain@facebook That is really useful to know. Thank you!

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On How to Work for the Enemy and Feel Just Fine

Someday I will write an anonymous expose about the editing and ghostwriting industry. I will use “I can just . . . change whatever I want?" as a chapter title.

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On Seriously, Fuck You, "Kindle Unlimited"

If Amazon were to offer a paid service that was 1. fair to writers and 2. let me borrow new, popular titles without waiting in a hold queue with 120 other library patrons, I would be on it SO FAST.

But Amazon Unlimited's selection is pretty abysmal. There are gobs of public domain novels available, as well as a lot of bottom of the barrel books that nobody was jumping to pay a monthly fee to read.

If Amazon Unlimited were to truly work, I would like to read "An Untamed State" right now and I would like to read "The Magician's Land" on August 5 when it releases AND I would like the authors to be compensated fairly.

I'd be willing to pay $25 or more a month for that.

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On 28 Years with Weird Al

@jfruh Audio of this particular parody does not exist. However, we do have recorded audio of our lesser Les Mis parody, "McDonalds On A Cloud" (about Bill Clinton).

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On 28 Years with Weird Al

THIS IS AWESOME both because it is a good story and also because it is painfully hilarious. I too had my lilac jumper days. My best friend and little sister and I wrote a parody of Les Mis's "Master of the House" that was called "Speaker of the House" and was about Newt Gingrich. WE WERE NOT COOL.

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On The Inflatable Thought Leader

The ghostwriting thing. I have so many thoughts on the ghostwriting thing, many of them contradictory. (For a while I did A LOT of content ghostwriting.) On the one hand, people have always had ghostwriters. Since the dawn of time. It is a noble profession. On the other hand, this type of ghostwriting is often written and posted without even a conversation with the person whose name is going on it. Just "yeah, you write something, whatever you want to write is fine." Which makes it not-quite-ghostwriting but something else.

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