On Manic Pixie Dream Mom


If things are macho, they're probably also homoerotic. We know -- pirates, cowboys, barbarians, soldiers, heavy metal, sports. Got it. It's 2014. You can't make dudes feel bad about that more, Obama's president and stuff. Go gay Justified fans! Everything's cool.

I don't know who wrote Garden State, but I definitely think we should just assume that male misogynists write all romantic comedies, and never watch one again.

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On Manic Pixie Dream Mom

I don't think a statistically relevant amount of men have ever, ever, ever watched Garden State, Elizabethtown, 500 Days of Summer or anything with Zoey Deschanel in it -- as anything except date night or maybe a compromise movie for family night with the in-laws. We don't really like these movies. We definitely don't think about them much, regarding the boring (to men) male or female characters and their boring relationships.

Have you seen the series "Justified" or a movie with Jason Statham in it? Sin City? 300? These are movies and tv shows that a lot of men do choose to watch by themselves. There aren't that many "manic pixie girls" in them. Generally women in shows that men choose to watch are steely, tough ladies with impressive sounding jobs who like having sex without a lot of talky-talky. These women also like helping the male protagonists in their quest to shoot many other men. And it's completely cool if these tough, assertive women also like shooting people.

This article sort of seems like a male author complaining about the unfair male/female dichotomy in Skyrim or Fallout 3, and blaming the hordes of women gamers for foisting these concepts upon him. Because that would also be silly.

I personally advise all women reading this essay to take a stand against "magic pixie stuff" and never watch a romantic comedy again. Or ask anyone else too. Please.

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