On "Her": This Movie Makes No Sense

Respectfully, this review really bothers me. You focused on such a small, minute, almost unimportant detail of the movie. TT's job in the film is part of the set up; both for the times he lives in and for his personality. And I don't think it needs much more thought or dissection. Instead of picking apart the writing in the letters or the mere idea that someone would pay another person to write a letter, much less that the other person would permit such a cold, impersonal gesture, you could have accepted this business as a part of the current culture--people are too busy with their jobs and phones and whatevertheydo to sit down and hand write anything--and looked at how TT only struggles with expression when it's directed at another human. It's like people that can't say to their s/o what they're feeling, but can write a ten page letter explaining it all. Since you don't really address anything beyond your preoccupation with this particular aspect, I won't assume that you didn't at least put some thought into the rest of the movie, but I feel like you may have missed out. I think you have to treat it like a Spike Jonze movie; just sit back and absorb the environment that he's created, enjoy the scenery and imagination, and focus on the story. The movie made sense; I'm just not sure you could see the forest for the trees.

Posted on January 10, 2014 at 2:06 pm 4