On The Internet Has a Problem(atic)

A whole bunch of people I know picked up this way of speaking about issues, I think they got it from tumblr. I think it's spread because it's something that you can always say when you feel uneasy about something.

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On The Shoemakers of Gedikpaşa

Can't blame them for not wanting to industrialise, working in factories is miserable.

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On Crocs Climb Trees

One of their hunting strategies is to resemble floating logs. To fully inhabit the role they must become one with the trees.

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On I Was A Love-Letter Ghostwriter

A lot of people are quite bad at expressing and organising their thoughts into a pleasing and coherent letter, so this kind of letter-writing service is likely to lead to better letters and because the thoughts and much of the words are the lover's own, it doesn't seem to me to be inauthentic to use a mediator in this way. Certainly, it's more personal and shows more willing to competently express oneself than would be shown with a typical greeting card.

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On How Should A Game Be?

I think you need to unpack what you mean by 'fun'. Do you mean some kind of consistent state of elation? From what I can see, it's not even obvious that games are fun.

I think good games are engaging, they hold our interest. But this engagement isn't best couched in terms of 'fun'.

It's not even obvious that bad but popular games like Call of Duty and Candy Crush are fun— they're compulsive and frustrating but hypnotise their players into states of deep flow.

When I think of the games I've enjoyed the most, it's not entirely clear that this joy was experienced consistently in actual play. Monkey Island or maybe Fallout 2 are funny and challenging, they're not elating.

If I play a roguelike, like Dwarf Fortress or Cataclysm DDA, it's a sort of extended intellectual exercise like chewing over a sheet of cryptic crosswords that self-combust whenever you get a letter wrong. At the end, I'll have an exciting emergent story of hubris or escape but most of the play isn't exciting.

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On Words Shortened

My guess would be that the clipped words also reflect the tweeters verbal idiolect, with the predilection for short-form social media fuelling a mutually-reinforcing cycle of reductive slang in both their online and offline speech.

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On Olives, Ranked

The full list:

9. Olives that have been sitting in a bowl in the shop for days and you think they look nice but they taste faintly of disinfectant
8. Olives in brine that taste of brine
7. Olives overcooked and sliced on pizza
6. Black canned pitted olives
5. Assorted pitted olives
4. Black unpitted olives
3. Green unpitted olives
2. Those reddy-brown unpitted olives that they make oil out of and are really fiddly but so worth it
1. That one tub of olives you ate nine years ago that induced a transcendental episode after which all future olives were rendered disappointing in comparison

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On Skin Colorists Bad

Nah, I find most people are okay. There's probably some industries that attract more egotistic or callous types than others. Work culture, power relations, and individual dispositions are going to play into this. It doesn't seem that surprising that there are a lot narcissistic tattooists given the nature of what a tattoo is.

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