On Do NOT Use An Umbrella For Snow, What Is WRONG With You?

I used to one of you, but then I tried it, and it's amazing. No flurries in the face! No snowy clothes that turn wet once step indoors! Open your eyes, people!

Posted on January 22, 2014 at 10:02 pm 1

On How To Get Owned By Your Grandma

Aww. This made me want to go write my grandmama a postcard, since she's not at all one for the internet.

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On This Restraining Order Expires On Tuesday

What is happening in this comment section? I know from all the "work from home" spam that moderation isn't very strict, but somebody needs to shut this nonsense down.

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On The Dying Man On The Windshield

I don't know how claiming that she wasn't drunk is going to help. Even if the woman was stone cold sober, she still took two shots of vodka before getting in a car, and then drove around with a gravely injured man in her windshield without seeking help.

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