On Escape Artist Tells All

Help, I'm from another country. Are these two trying to sound as insufferable and awful as possible as some sort of self-aware inside-blog schtick or is this actually how young media-like people in New York City, New York talk about themselves?

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On Dave Pirner Is 50

I will defend Runaway Train as an excellent pop song until the day I get so jaded that life's mysteries have completely faded and I'm neither here nor there.

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On The Armored, Possibly Dinosaur-Eating "Devil Frog"


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On Why Can't We Really Care About Climate Change?

There is this post about climate change and it has one comment, which before me is just one of those spambots who seem to like The Awl and The Hairpin so well. Then there is the post about the man who posts naked pictures on the Internet, and it has nearly 100 comments, and none of them seem to be about making money from home. I think this in some way answers the question "why can't we really care about climate change?"

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On What Isabella Rossellini Acting Out Animal Sex Taught Me About People Sex

Rossellini didn't invent sex, she just popularized it.

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On Which Kind Of Annoying Contrarian Are You?

I don't see what's so controversial about saying Mother Teresa wasn't funny.

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On Headline Contains Words

This is why I print out Awl articles, read them on the bus, and write comments in pencil on the back of the paper.

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On Things Used To Be More Genuine, Says Man From The '90s

In other words, indie bands are still trying to make experimental jet set trash, except now they want a star.

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On Maybe Sex Is The Least Fun Thing Two People Can Do

@Michael R Agreed, this is so refreshing. I think a totally unintended consequence of sex-positive feminism is the reinforcement of traditional notions of masculinity.

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