On Was Aaron Swartz Stealing?

@darthchewie what C_Webb said. Also: please to explain how arXiv exists and thrives.

Spend a little time reading Derek Lowe's blog and you'll see that peer review isn't all it's cracked up to be. We don't need journals any more.

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On Was Aaron Swartz Stealing?

Actually, it's not a very good analogy at all:


The article massively overstates the cost and complexity of what JSTOR does.

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On Hashfic: Studio 60's Odd Second Life On Twitter

"One year later, and audiences showed they prefer their shows about making the funny to actually be funny"

That this truth appeared on Splitsider is amazing. Self awareness FTNW.

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On Arcade Fire, "The Suburbs"

+1. Everyone is so cool these days! It's all kind of exhausting.

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On "Boardwalk Empire": The Halfway Report

I have no idea how popular or expensive Deadwood was, but it got canceled because HBO made David Milch choose between a fourth season and going off to do John From Cincinnati. Which still makes me angry.

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On Poor 'Scott Pilgrim': Michael Cera Scares The Olds and Irritates The Youngs

Also: "it will make back it's money"; irritating (and worse, inconsistent) use of ellipses behind "Scott Pilgrim" when abbreviating the name.

Sigh. What have I become?

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On Your Helicopter Ride Above New York with Glenn Beck

not good!

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On From the Comments: Mansplaining the Currency of Outrage

Aside from excusing the writers entirely, I agree with all that you've said. What makes this situation seem unique to me, and I think to other well-meaning guys, is that we understand feminism to be an important social project -- one that's ongoing, and which we often fail to do our part to support. Seeing it invoked in ways that seem kind of capricious can be a little frightening, because it makes that project -- which we already don't always understand but are trying to support -- seem schizophrenic and confusing. The fact that skeptical male voices are often not welcome in the supporting conversations (for understandable and defensible reasons, I hasten to add) makes it all the more terrifying.

Someone will probably say that it's not feminists' job to make sure I remain emotionally and intellectually comfortable, and they'll certainly be right. But it does seem like calling for a two-minute hate on Olivia Munn calls for a little more care than, say, Gizmodo calling a two minute hate on Steve Ballmer. Using Stuff that Matters to fuel a quasi-entertainment effort is tricky.

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On Why Everyone Hates The New 'Sex and the City' Movie

The Balkian hypothesis seems like it has merit. But it's also worth considering whether a few years of distance from the series and movie may have simply given fans the chance to finally realize that the show's writing is some of the most godawful, cloying trash that's ever been filmed.

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On Here Is The Cell Phone Video Of Jeff Mangum Performing In New York Last Night

If you stick with it, the crowd actually shuts up after a verse or two. Better quality audio than I expected!

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