On Is It The Duty of Every Enlightened Female To Put Out?

You're cui bono-ing us? Really? You really think that men are the ones who have driven the endless and perpetually self-cannibalizing waves of feminism, manipulating the associated (and also periodic) sex-positivity norm to our own treacherous, libidinous benefit?

Well, I suppose that would be one way to go about it. But most of us find it easier to just offer to buy you a drink.

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On Rainbow Bridge For Whites Only, Say 'Thor' Fans

actually, no and yes

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On Rivers Cuomo Messes You Up Forever

The point being: the listener is free to reflect on the singer's emotions, and what kind of person he is. Surely you've encountered an unsympathetic protagonist before.

Sady gets it exactly right in the end of section 4 and beginning of 5 (which I'm ashamed to admit was part of my initial TL;DRing). I don't agree with her decision not to value the honest expression without the correct conclusion, but she explains her perspective and I can respect it.

Not sure what to make of your inscrutable "sins of the hipsters" line, though it certainly sounds wise.

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On Rivers Cuomo Messes You Up Forever

Remind me not to come to book club when you guys do Lolita.

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On Sex Offender Week: Feminism for Young Dudes

+1. Some of us are guys who understand the above, do our best to live it, and come here for bear videos, not to be smugly condescended to.

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On Rivers Cuomo Messes You Up Forever

Skipped the middle, but I will say: for me, the great thing about the first two albums was that Cuomo was engaging in emotional hyperbole, blowing out quiet impulses and private thoughts to their fullest expression -- not only to lay them bare in an emo sort of way, but occasionally to subject them to the withering glare of daylight. Even as awful as RC turned out to actually be (I say this based solely on various rumors and gossip), I think it's a real stretch to imagine that he intended, say, "No One Else" to be read solely at face value.

At any rate, I think those first two albums still work perfectly well -- mostly because they're simply great pop/rock records, but partly because the songwriting seems to reflect emotional honesty. That the underlying emotions are sometimes (often!) odious is sort of neither here nor there.

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On Wacky Georgia Legislature Fairly Representative Of Its Constiutents

What a bunch of backward rubes. In Virginia, our legislators outlawed forcible microchip implantation MONTHS ago.


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On D.C. is the New New York!

That is what is happening! It's great!

But, as others have noted, the awful young Republican/Georgetown scene is distinct from the great things that are actually happening in DC. Although actually I hear there's a bit of a douchebag diaspora happening right now as the Late Night Shots crowd spreads out to the country's business schools. Be sure to acquaint yourself with Angela Valdez's classic article on the topic, and do your best to persecute anyone quoted within it that you might encounter.

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On Half Baked: 13 Recipes Under $7.50 for the Urban Vegan

Don't raw potatoes make you throw up?

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