On Let Slip the Tweets of War

@Niko Bellic : Fuck the War on Terror, but I would 100% support the War on Murderous Fucks.

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On Let Slip the Tweets of War

@ISIL Running late on the biggest day of my life, #SMH. Thanks a lot, @predator11351!! HAHA J/K see you guys at 22:47:05 (UTC +3:00)

- AGM-114 serial #1140878 (@flaminghockeysticks)

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On "Two Men Talk Movies", by The New York Times

@John Herrman : Like a ball-peen hammer banging on a tin plate.

But seriously, your idea was great, let's do this for EVERYTHING.

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On "Two Men Talk Movies", by The New York Times

The following is composed of chronological excerpts from Thomas Friedman's latest column.

"6:02 a.m. on Saturday"

two French families,
everyone in their pajamas
Some new and significant things were revealed here.

Let’s start
with the fight.

“You will not outcrazy us out of this region.”
It was all ugly.
This is not Scandinavia.

And then there were the Hamas tunnels
and what they revealed.
What struck me most,
was the craftsmanship

More and more,
this is
a religious conflict.

The Times of Israel reported
The Lebanese writer Hanin Ghaddar noted
The Lebanese historian Keman Salibi once observed

This is


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On That Millennial Marketing Verve

As printed on those cans, the brand name appears to be "Vomma". That is all.

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On Notes from a Crab Massacre

I would like to know more.

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On This Week in Lines

@Subway Suicide@twitter : I just can't engage with it. There's nothing beyond "BLAH, IT BIG AND/OR SHINY". And I'm totally good with kitsch/bad taste in the big-and-shiny department (David LaChapelle, I'm looking at you, you lovable madman). With Koons, there's just air-displacement, like Anarcissie says up there.

Full caveat : I've had the experience of seeing stuff in catalogues, being supremely underwhelmed, and then seeing it in person and "getting" it (Dan Flavin absolutely did this for me). I've seen Koons's work in person. I still don't get anything from it.

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On The 9/11 Summer Blockbuster Machine

This poster is absolutely traumatizing, but for completely different reasons than listed above.

I refer, of course, to the TURTLE NOSES.

That is all.

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On How to Plagiarize a Fart Joke

Apropos of nothing, Gene Weingarten is a national treasure -- one of the few national treasures who, I imagine, would agree with his description as "a weird, disreputable person."

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On The Future Is the Sound of Your Own Voice

@Benja : YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES. He has this overly-mannered delivery that just fills my brain with white-hot, unreasoning rage.

Other NPR voices that make me reflexively hammer my radio volume button :
1. Garrison Keillor (yes, I'm a monster, I understand this)
2. Chana Joffe-Walt
3. That guy who hosts "Snap Judgment"

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