On Notes from a Crab Massacre

I would like to know more.

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On This Week in Lines

@Subway Suicide@twitter : I just can't engage with it. There's nothing beyond "BLAH, IT BIG AND/OR SHINY". And I'm totally good with kitsch/bad taste in the big-and-shiny department (David LaChapelle, I'm looking at you, you lovable madman). With Koons, there's just air-displacement, like Anarcissie says up there.

Full caveat : I've had the experience of seeing stuff in catalogues, being supremely underwhelmed, and then seeing it in person and "getting" it (Dan Flavin absolutely did this for me). I've seen Koons's work in person. I still don't get anything from it.

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On The 9/11 Summer Blockbuster Machine

This poster is absolutely traumatizing, but for completely different reasons than listed above.

I refer, of course, to the TURTLE NOSES.

That is all.

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On How to Plagiarize a Fart Joke

Apropos of nothing, Gene Weingarten is a national treasure -- one of the few national treasures who, I imagine, would agree with his description as "a weird, disreputable person."

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On The Future Is the Sound of Your Own Voice

@Benja : YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES. He has this overly-mannered delivery that just fills my brain with white-hot, unreasoning rage.

Other NPR voices that make me reflexively hammer my radio volume button :
1. Garrison Keillor (yes, I'm a monster, I understand this)
2. Chana Joffe-Walt
3. That guy who hosts "Snap Judgment"

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On 2015 Summer Movie Forecast: Desert Explosions With a Chance of Good

@Niko Bellic : Yes, Dredd gets extra points in my book for trying to do unfiltered comic-book-experience. It wasn't a great movie (heck, it wasn't even as insane as the Judge Dredd comics actually were), but dammit, it had the courage of its convictions, style- and content-wise.

See also Punisher: War Zone, which was absolutely faithful to the Garth Ennis-scripted books, to its simultaneous benefit and detriment.

Alternate take : I would pay good money to see a Judge Dredd movie directed by the guys who did Crank 2.

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On 2015 Summer Movie Forecast: Desert Explosions With a Chance of Good

@barnhouse : It does have a very specific "painterly" look to the colors and textures, and I'm not sure I'm 100% good with that.

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On 2015 Summer Movie Forecast: Desert Explosions With a Chance of Good

@BadUncle : The existence of a film as wonderfully mad as "Dead End Drive-In" more than makes up for the fact that its oeuvre acquired such an unfortunate moniker.

Alternate take : Also, possibly, "Razorback."

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On Symmetry Cruel

Wake me when they find health benefits from being unfulfilled and irritable.

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On All the New Yorker Story Roundups You Should Read While the Stories Are Still Unlocked, As Well As All the New Yorker Stories They Link To

@Mr. B : AMEN. Seriously, it's an incredible bargain.

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