On What Else New York Women Are Taking Away From The Weiner Scandal


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On Go, Escaped Crocodiles, Go!

but you left out the most important thing we need to know: DO THEY HAVE A PARODY TWITTER ACCOUNT YET?

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On Newly Artisanal Midtown

This is where I work. Glamorous? Hell no. But I can get to everything I need in a three-block radius.

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On Television Show Disliked

Dang, I was hoping this would be the "How the hell did The New Girl get so many Emmy nominations when it's such crap?" discussion.

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On Sandwich Meaty

It's just a tall party sub. Maybe people on Knifecrime Island have never seen one? The fact that it's a UK site might also explain the beets.

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On Surprise! Copy Editors Are Destroying America's Newspapers (with PUNS)

One would think a guy with the name Dan Hunt would be nicer to folks who just read an article illustrating the art of the awful pun.

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On The DIY Office Exorcism

I actually did a feng shui "exorcism" in my staff's work area once after a very negative event happened there. Sounds silly but it did seem to clear the air.

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On You Are Powerless Over Your Twitter Addiction

Well duh. It's a little hard to have sex during a boring meeting.

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On Twenty Songs Called "Crazy," In Order

1. Yes. As for the rest, the order doesn't matter so much.

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On Sad News, Bear

DAMN YOU, BALK!!! Even with the warning, I gasped. And without the expected "authorities have taken him to a clinic, bandaged his wounds, and gave him a lolly," it is a really sucky story.

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