On Ask Polly: I Am Severely Chafed By My Gentle, Compassionate Boyfriend

Wow this was great. I'm not the only one who thinks 'he's a repugnant dork' and 'I want Idris Elba instead.' Now that I say that I realize those don't even sound like unique thoughts to be having in a relationship. But, yeah, this has really made me question whether I made a mistake in breaking up with someone who was perfect on paper but I felt was smothering me. I'm really questioning myself. I've also gotten to the point where I realize I want to be with someone sweet and responsible but haven't yet reached the point where I can be with that person without feeling like a grotesque asshole whenever he's around. I think reading this is going to make me a lot smarter in my next relationship.

Posted on December 11, 2013 at 2:26 pm 0