On But What About The Cop Horses?

@anthraxl rose Totally! We had an older Percheron who felt just as natural in the city as anything. Street sweepers, umbrellas, jackhammers...nothing fazed that dude. That was his job and he liked it. In Boston, though, the horses had to be trucked in, so they worked nights in the city and spent the day in the suburbs hanging out in a field. The ex-police horse we took in actually had the most issues out of any of them! He was spooky and mean.

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On But What About The Cop Horses?

@anthraxl rose I actually drove a horse drawn carriage for several years in Boston, and one of our carriage horses was a horse that we took after he didn't make the cut with the Boston Mounted Unit. I think the care of the carriage horses varies by which company owns them, and there are many. It's no different than regular horse owners across the country (of which I am also one). Some people are bad owners, some are not. In Boston, anyway, the company owner's husband was a farrier, so the horse's feet were always trimmed and fitted with borium cleats to help with the pavement, and each horse had his own harness so they were always fitted perfectly to that specific horse. So, I think more regulation would be better than banning them altogether. I believe the NYC horses get several months off in a field upstate-- that's not such a bad life.

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On Inside The Barista Class

As a fellow suburbanite-from-an-hour-south-of-Boston, I particularly appreciated the extra-extra dig. I'm sure if you're from this area, you know the Chippi, too. Do not get.

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On Let's Make Thanksgiving Better

@Chub Peabody Wait, *I'm* from the cranberry capital of the world. Middleboro/Lakeville area of MA. *waves*

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