On A Portrait of the Alt-Bro as a Young Dumbass


I liked it too!
Maybe women find it funny because we are the usual targets of these overage Holden Caulfields' condescension, whereas men are irritated and defensive because they've been this guy or they hang out with this guy? Maybe?

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On The End Of Comments

@Gef the Talking Mongoose

If no one is commenting, is anyone reading?

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On Ask Polly: My Boyfriend Thinks I'm Ugly


Sure, it's possible to love someone to whom you are not physically attracted -- like your Mom, or your best friend.

There is no tactful way to tell your partner you wish she was hotter and it isn't a subject anyone should bring up unless he's prepared to hear all about his shortcomings, including, "I wish you were less shallow and watched less porn."

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On Ask Polly: Should I Play It Cool—Or Ask Him For More And Be "That Girl"?

Heather, you are such a good writer and a THINKING PERSON.
If women would just back away from the jackass self-help books and speak up for themselves, knowing that a guy who responds badly to honesty isn't The Right Guy, the world would be a better place.

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On Ask Polly: I Am Obsessed With My Boyfriend's Evil Ex-Girlfriend—And Her Blog! (And Their Dogs!)

I have an ex who maintained a toxic, backbiting, competitive "friendship" with his ex-wife. People who want to continue to make each other miserable will find a way to do so, even without shared custody of dogs, kids, or appliances, and the only thing to do is run away and let them be "all right with each other, really."

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On "Bring Back Bloomberg"! Rich Horrorshows Freak Out Over Fake Snowstorm Class War In Pinhead Rag

@Clarence Rosario

The nanny deals with child transportation, for the few under 65s up there.

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On Bullies Bullied By Women: Man

Well sure, since apparently in this context "Old-fashioned guy's guy" = "boring sexist bully incapable of listening to anyone else for more than 30 seconds."

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On The Insane Whole Foods Gowanus Is Open For Your Gentrifying Needs

Just seeing the words "food" and "Gowanus" so close to each other is giving me an upset stomach.

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On Fear Of A Black Opening Weekend


And an intelligent, athletic woman as the central character, who doesn't have to give up her career for the guy's sake! Scenes between women where they talk about something other than a man! That movie is the unicorn of romantic comedies.

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On Two Marriages In The News Today


I was extremely disappointed that the third bride wasn't called "Puppy" or "Pony."

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