On Mark Bibbins, 'The Anxiety of Coincidence'

oh! thank god. yay.

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On Please Welcome The Wirecutter

where is the cat section?

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On Gay Microgenerations: Ryan McGinley v. Ryan Trecartin

oops. there goes tumblr.

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On Chad Harbach Tells All About Publishing

i'm writing a lesbian romance novel about a small town vet (specializing in large livestock) with a past actually already done by someone else (wow)... maybe a graphic novel

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On "Following the sugar disaster I redoubled my efforts to get out of the bagel factory."

@GailPink where did you move here from?

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On 111 Male Characters Of British Literature, In Order Of Bangability

Tom Bombadil.

Carrie Frye, i love you.

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On Being Female

ok. she voted for Hillary. WHAT.

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On Being Female

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On Being Female

@Mar excellent

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On Being Female

it gets better!

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