On A Government Official at the Tap of a Button

@Matt Buchanan In this case, funnier hair. It's why I went to the article to find & tweet that line.

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On A Government Official at the Tap of a Button

Waiting for one of the stranger website corrections you could make, based on the one word copy change I saw from the RSS version I read vs the one now live on this page...

CORRECTION: In some editions on Tuesday earlier versions of this article about a New Yorker's job change referred to "the pubes of of the world's last unicorn" but our fact checkers were unable to verify the exact origin of the unicorn hair, so it's been corrected to more accurately include any hair from the world's last unicorn.

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On The Thanksgiving Day Only-Fantasy Football League

Anyone looking to do this again this year, 2013, I made a new draft card / excel document to follow along and play. Print them out from here: http://bit.ly/TGivingDraft13


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On "Beasts," Titus Andronicus, James Franco, Sarah McCarry, Ig Publishing

Holy shit - I actually DID oversleep this morning (by 2 hours) and got ready in 8 minutes out the door (at the time I was supposed to be at my desk). Eerie.

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