On How to Work for the Enemy and Feel Just Fine

"I’m sure if I’d been more well-read or aware of the news at the time I’d have felt more conflicted"

You mean like, presumably, NOW (ie: that you're older and "more well-read and aware")? I would hope so. Except, in the next breath, you cheerfully advise anyone unemployed to take any job, even if it promotes or abets political viewpoints that many people would argue are the equivalent of fracking orphanages.

I dunno. I dig your work. But this is fucked up.

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On Are Cyborg Identity Politics Destroying YOUR Favorite Restaurant?

@Dwayne J. Stephenson@facebook

"does anyone think if they had come in holding a running video camera, they would have been asked to turn it off? Maybe, right? But I don't think the answer is obviously yes."

Why don't you walk into the nearest eating establishment with a running video camera, making sure to point it everywhere your eyes move, and see what happens.

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On Millennial Fired For Tweet

@jfruh Exactly this. This is the Gilded Age redux. And Manhattan's food service industry is the capital.

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On What Time Is Puppy: The Animal Web Wars Begin

"None of those cats are in the cloud. Yet."

Actually, Keyboard Kat died in 1987. He has existed solely in the cloud for every single one of his hilarious 47 googolplex page views!

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