On Meghan Keane: 'The Office' is the Most Depressing Show on Television

The office has always been awkward and sad. The reason I've always liked it, though, is that it's the closest we as an audience will ever get to a normal realistic show on our teevees. The characters go through their lives like normal people do, and they even look like normal people. This may be depressing to some, but to me it is refreshing. The Office, to me, isn't about instant gratification or "feel goodery" but about waiting it out and seeing where the meandering plots and individual crazies take the show as a whole. For example, the new secretary has a lot of potential for a good new character, and I am just waiting for more Kelly centric episodes. Kelly is crazy and depressing too! She's obsessed with Ryan and is kind of dumb, but she's still hilarious. Pam and Jim, like you said, have reached their romantic goal. Not as exciting in the short term. And Pam has been acting bratty, but she's pregnant! Cut her some slack! I feel as though these characters, weak and strong, are just reacting to situations like normal people.

Posted on December 5, 2009 at 6:38 pm 0