On The Beatles Never Existed

If the Beatles were in a forest when a tree fell...

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On Moral Calculus Elucidated

Usually I think you guys are right on about things, but in this case, not so much. Amazon's "central premise" isn't that all books are worth $9.99. Leaving out that they explicitly said some books will continue to sell for more (perhaps much more), their point is that $9.99 is the most that most books _will currently sell for_. They want to sell books and they have a heck of a lot of data about what people are willing to pay for them. They're not making any moral judgment about the value of the books. As for being a monopoly, it's hard to imagine an industry that big with lower barriers to entry. The fact that no one else cares to or knows how to compete is beside the point. Amazon is just doing to traditional book publishing what outlets like the Awl have long since done to newspapers and magazines (an industry which once employed me and which I mourned).

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On The Other Person Is You

The opening of this made me want to delete my Awl feed. I hope the meditation helped somehow.

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