On There's No Stopping The Phil Collins Revival

Flatbush Pirate Radio used to play the 2010 Reggae version of "One More Night" every weekend, sometimes on a loop. So I guess journalistically speaking we can confirm that this edgy new trend has emerged from deep underground roots, with possible ties to illegal drug activity and forbidden dance establishments.

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On Ken Hoinsky On Seduction, Women And Mistakes

Ladies you may not even have to deal with this particular strain of pathetic asshole. You may get the friend who you have sex with and he starts strangling you out of nowhere. You may have the casual make-out session that turns into being forcibly held down and hurt just to scare you and make you understand you COULD be raped, just before they finally let you squirm away running in fear of your life bruised and without half your clothes. You may get the perfect husband your family loves who never takes no for an answer. The possibilities are endless.

Just don't think you can trust anyone or deserve any human consideration, because in that case you're better off at home jerking off to your Johnny Mathis records.

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