On Death to Negronis

@whizz_dumb I wanted to "get into" negronis since people spoke so highly of them...I bought all the stuff but then realized I don't like sweet vermouth! But I do really like Campari! I have created the Shangroni (just negroni but with my name in it, I have also made Shangria)...it's gin, Campari, tonic, and a splash of orange juice. It tastes like herbal grapefruit juice with no booze in it, it's weird but very delicious!

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On How to Make a Good Salad Without Dumb Leaves

This is full of lies! I love lettuce and spinach and kale and all the delicious greenery inherent in leafy salads! I HAVE wished for more lettuce/greenery (especially if there is too much dressing.) I also don't care for most of these base ingredients, bring on the LEAVES!

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On I Just Ate Fruit for the First Time and It Kind of Sucked

I find this funny- I hate fruit and have never eaten much of it but I've always been aware which fruits are which! But I feel him quite hard on the fruit hidden in cakes, it is the saddest. For me it's not the flavor, it's the texture so I will drink most juices and flavored things but if there is pulp or needs, forget about it. Apples I can definitely do in a salad or with cheese or in a baked good, I have tolerated raspberries and kiwis but that's about it. I have never eaten a banana and I never will! That's my flavor texture nightmare.

I also did not eat fruit until I was 25 but now I love all the vegetables (mostly, except for bell peppers) so I've always said that maybe it will take another 25 years for me to like fruit...so I might be a fruit eatin' 50 year old but 30 year old me is not interested at all.

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On The Twilight Of The Tortilla: What People Really Order At Chipotle

I haven't gotten them in a long time but the tacos are really good! I never liked crispy tacos until I had them at Chipotle, the shells are particularly tasty! It's weird to me that the burrito bowl has completely taken over, I basically never see anyone getting an actual burrito, I think it's mostly because you can get the flavors all in one bite versus a burrito where you get like all-rice bites. I'm not a Chipotle zealot but think it's pretty good for what it is.

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