On Fun With New York Times Numbers

I have a question. What was Bill Keller's compensation when he was hired? Is it reasonable to believe that his salary in 2003 was comparable to Abramson's in 2011, and that it was steadily raised over the course of his 8-year tenure? (and that Abramson could have expected similar raises?)

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On Mayor Mike's Legacy: What *Really* Happened To Affordable Housing In New York City

I'm a bit confused by this:

"Almost 70% of New York City dwelling units now are rentals. That's about double the national average. All told, there are about 3.3 million buildings in which people live in New York City.

So, right. Math tells us there are about 2.1 million rental units."

So "rental unit" here refers not to "apartment" but to buildings in which all the apartments are rented?

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On Death To Zombies

What about Stephen Soderbergh's zombie epic, Contagion? That is, aren't zombie movies today playing off cultural fears of "superbugs" like SARS and H1N1 as much as they are about AIDS? That was the impression I got from WWZ (the book), anyway.

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