On The Extra Woman

I hope that "Fabulous Old Ladies" will be an ongoing series.

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On All The Presidents’ Menus

@whateverlolawants I'm sure you've heard he's a vegan now. I like both iterations of Bill, although he is most likely much healthier now.

Also, what does it say about my politics that if I look at their favorite food lists, my diet most closely resembles those of Barack Obama and Richard Nixon?

Fantastic article, keep 'em coming.

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On Ask Polly: My Mom Keeps Guilting Me About Visiting For Christmas!

Spot on as always. LW putting his time in now means a lot less guilt down the road. I make two seven-hour round trips every Thanksgiving and Christmas to see my increasingly frail mom. The trip is a royal PITA and my mom can be one, too.

Would I rather stay here and eat Chinese while watching "The Apartment"? Of course, on one level. But I know that when she dies I will have no question in my mind that I Paid. My. Dues. And if I were in my mother's shoes, I would want it done for me.

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On Ask Polly: I Am Severely Chafed By My Gentle, Compassionate Boyfriend

Came in to say that if LW is honest (without being hurtful, just honest) as Polly suggests and the guy gets scared off, LW just did herself a favor.

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On What To Do When You Agree With Jonathan Franzen

...he tends to leave a pretty big wake of commentary behind him when he breaches in online fora...

The helpful post linked and excerpted above is from Melville Press and is very likely to make you smile just for that reason.

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On Ask Polly: I Feel Bitter About All Of My Exes And I Can't Get Over It!

@gulleyjimson Amen to that. Better to accept that there might be no one who's a suitable match, and start living your life, than to keep chasing mirages. Feh on that. I think if I'd heard this in my twenties and had really be able to swallow it, I would have been much better off.

I highly recommend Eva Illouz' "Why Love Hurts" on this topic. Main takeaway: it most likely is NOT you, which is essentially what Heather said. Where I think Illouz parts ways with a lot of folks on this topic is that she stresses the way we (over)value romantic love in modern society as the source of a lot of grief for both sexes but particularly for women.

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On Why Won't You Racists Let Us Talk During Movies?

@pissy elliott I haven't been to a "communal experience" movie showing in years, basically since I left New York. The best you can hope for where I live is people laughing at anything that's remotely funny during the movie (as opposed to the Adam Sandler trailer preceding the main event).

Of course, "communal experience" means that people are actually somewhat engaged with what's going on up on the screen.

On your other comment, I'm envisioning the old man Muppets throwing used Depends at the Film Forum screen. Gonna go cry now.

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On Why Won't You Racists Let Us Talk During Movies?

"The cinephiles apparently never consume any work without devoting every bit of their essence to honoring its creator. Presumably, they’re reading this in a web browser with only a single tab open." (I didn't actually pay to read your blog, nor did your blog run a message prior to reading asking for community norms of not disturbing each other?)

A browser with tabs? Poseurs. REAL cinephiles use Lynx to browse the Web, if they know what a Web is in the first place.

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On Something Ordinary In The Air

@KarenUhOh There was a brief shining period of about a year or so when Southwest flew between Boston and Philly. That ended last winter; Southwest said they weren't making money on it, which is amazing since the planes were always full. At that point, I started taking Amtrak instead. Haven't looked back even though it takes much longer.
If People Express starts flying between Boston and Philly I might check that out, but not dealing with TSA is worth the five extra hours, I've found.

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On The Woman Behind Lever House

Was indeed well worth my time - thanks for posting.

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