On Placenta Two Ways

Wow, smoothies & tacos? Placenta is a real lagging indicator. Next it will be cupcakes I suppose.

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On John Legend Speaks For Us All

I thought it was an overwrought suicide note.

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On Goat Vexed

It takes a network devoid of self-consciousness to mock a creature for lacking self-consciousness. #thisiscnn

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On Man Really Into Fucking

@La Cieca I've heard the woodpile remark, too, as a trump to someone being declared snake-fuck-ready.

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On 15 Great Songs About The Death Penalty That Will Hopefully One Day Sound More Archaic Than They Do Now

that's a good list, even if it does lack a lot of the FuckYeah spirit of Tom T. Hall's "Turn It On, Turn It On, Turn It On!"

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On Polling Results Underscore Necessity Of Roe v. Wade

those who forget history, something something.
good to know that good old fashioned american values can step in where civil discourse, graphic protest signs, and statesmanship have failed us.

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On The Rolling Stones, In Order

Rolling Stones Now is some hot hot R&B considering it's a buncha white boys. Better than half the albums ranked above it.

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On Now Nate Silver Is Just Laughing At You

I can't believe the Giants put Sandoval in the line-up against the Tigers. Don't they realize the miserable loser only hit the ball 31% of the time against St. Louis?

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On Cheese Meltable

how does the melted cheese not slurp down to the low end of the sandwich, nor prevent it from sliding out of the bag with ease? I got no time to dig out the corners of my fancy cheesebag.

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On What Are The Best Audiobooks For A Road Trip?

@kec Vance is also great with the Steig Larsson books. He has considerable range in the voices and accents that make you forget one guy is carrying the whole thing.

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