On What Not to Stream

@Mr. B According to this article only about 1% are.

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On What Not to Stream

I saw the Lady Gaga Muppets special. I wish I had that hour back to watch anything else on that list.

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On Chopped Salad Toppings, In Order

That's a rather vegan-centric list. The whole point of a salad is as a base for carb-free proteins.

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On Halloween Is Over

But the precedent has been set. Expect a wave of silly Christmas themed name changes in a month or so.

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On Bagels, In Order

I'm gonna be a heretic but Asiago Cheese is the greatest bagel idea ever.

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On The Opposite of Every Match.com Profile Ever Written

He needs to emphasize his receding hairline more.

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On From "Times," An Icy Shiv In The Heart Of Cruel, Racist Republican Policy

Everything Republicans do about social programs is a dogwhistle. Lee Atwater taught them how they don't even have to say it out loud any more.

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On George R. R. Martin Is 65

Anybody else nervous he's going to pull a Robert Jordan and croak before the story is totally finished?

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On Is This The NPR-est Headline Ever?

It needs a soundtrack by Mumford and Sons.

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On Antonin Scalia Is Chief Justice Of Trolling

Child abusers are a minority, Scalia said, but they should not receive special protection."

The Church with which he belongs to begs to differ.

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