On Showtime, Synergy

"Love is hiding who you really are at all times, even when you’re sleeping. Love is wearing make up to bed and going downstairs to the Burger King to poop, and hiding alcohol in perfume bottles. That’s love."

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On 100 Fantastic (Not Best!) Songs From 2012

That Dawn Richard album is on Spotify (and people do check it out), so I was sad none of the tracks made it on your songs list so I could sit back and say, "Yes, finally someone agrees with me that 'Faith' is perfect" or roll my eyes, depending.

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On Eight Teams Perched, Precariously, On The Bubble

I'd say Miami's the more interesting ACC bubble team. The had a historic win against Duke on the road, and just beat FSU last night. We'll see when NC State and Miami meet on Wednesday.

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On New Media As Petty As Old Media

I once went on a date with a guy who worked for a company that sold employee drug testing services to companies. Once he found out where I worked he said, "We tried to work them, but they told us they'd have to fire all the editorial staff if they started drug testing." Which isn't entirely true, but true enough.

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On And the Worst Movie of 2011 Is....

@semiserious or we could just talk about how Bucky Larson walked away with a single mention. I don't know how "girls doing a bit of crude humors" got Bridesmaids two votes, which both evoked some sort of defeat of feminism, and yet "boys doing extremely crude and incredibly boring 'humor'" got only one vote. That tells you all you need to know about how male film critics view feminism, doesn't it?

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On And the Worst Movie of 2011 Is....

Waoh, actually, can we talk about The New York Times' Charles Taylor picking Bridesmaids:

"Ugly in both technique and spirit. For this to be hailed as a breakthrough for women in a year when the most ambitious American film, Sucker Punch, also the strongest feminist film to ever come out of Hollywood, was condemned as sexist suggests that film critics have collectively lost their fucking minds."

I'm not sure what he misunderstood more: the fact that, as hyperbolic as it sometimes was, must of us understand Bridesmaids as more of a box office milestone for female-fronted comedies than a "breakthrough for women" or the very concept of feminism.

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On 100 Great (Not Best!) Songs of 2011

So this year in Dance music amounted to Rihanna and Britney Spears?

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On Steve Berke Will Not Be the Mayor of Miami Beach (For Now)

Union support is always a nice insurance policy, but I suspect that even more so than most cities, a large proportion of Police and Fire union members don't actually live and vote in Miami Beach.

Herrera also has the well deserved support of the gay community. She's also the first Hispanic mayor in a town where 53% of residents are Latino or Hispanic, so she has the identity politics going for her. And Berke pretty much ceded the older vote.

Going after straight, white voters under 50 in Miami Beach isn't much of a recipe for electoral success. And frankly, he probably only did as well as he did because of his opposition to Urban Beach Week, which as you noted, is discomforting.

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On Better Ingredients, Better Country: Inside Papa John's Top-Secret Presidential Campaign

So, Schnatter lives, at least part time, in my hometown (not far away from where the Domino's founder has built his Catholic wonder town. Collier County: Ground Zero for Pizza Millionaires). While not trying to implicate people I know, I can tell you the guy has a habit of hiring pretty lady realtors with no intention of buying real estate. There's not anything more to the story, as far as I know, other than that he's sort of vaguely, but non-threateningly creepy.

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On Local Twitter Slang, And All That Jawn

Bro, @beautiful_kj is no authority on Miami slang. Bro is still incredibly pervasive down here. Really, among certain groups its less of a slang term than it is a preferred, all-encompassing interjection.

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