On The Trials of 'Entertainment Weekly': One Magazine's 24 Years of Corporate Torture

This is good work, all the more so for managing a functional, non-ironic integration of "synergy."

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On The Bros Who Inherited the Earth

The only difference between these bros and past bros is a) these bros got paid at a much earlier age, and b) these bros left a quasi-public record of their idiot frat days. Twentysomething bros in the pipeline have always been idiots with regressive attitudes toward women, they just didn't have the Internet to record their awful behavior and had learned how to sound like grown-ups by the time anyone cared. These dumbasses will get there too.

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On Sorry, Rand Paul: The Drones Are Here To Stay

Do you really think the existence of drones is the issue? Of course there are new legal and ethical questions that accompany the use of a new technology as it becomes ubiquitous. But the problem motivating Paul and drone critics isn't about technology, it's about executive power – in this case, the power of the president (any president) to target American citizens for execution with no external oversight or accountability.

Given that (as the author persuasively argues) drones are an impending fact of existence, it's all the more essential to define guidelines and boundaries for their use here and abroad, which the administration has steadfastly resisted not only for the benefit of the general public, but also of Congress itself, which is explicitly granted just such oversight authority by the Constitution. It's one thing to conduct secret operations; it's another to claim exclusive access to secret laws.

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