On Ask Polly: Will Our Class Differences Tear Us Apart?

I love when we can have a talk about class, and just how weird we are about it. And the one thing, that I think isn't mentioned enough is that there's class and there's money and the two aren't exactly the same- even when we think they are.

I once ended up having a really angry drunken argument with a new roommate where he completely went off on an off topic rant about how I was a smug spoiled little princess who didn't know how hard it was for him, etc. etc. (He had, er, other issues as well.) It seemed ridiculous to me as I spent most of my adolescence living below the poverty line with my single mother and worked my way through undergrad. However, my mom had originally come from a very middle to upper middle class family (it's a long story) and culturally/socially that's where we spent most of our time. He completely misread the situation because he didn't have all the story and assumed that everyone he perceived of as middle class didn't have any problems.

I guess my point is that we as a society have all these hangups that we never properly address and because of it we just assume we know about other people's experiences based on a couple of social cues. However, that's never the whole story.

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On A Fan's Notes On "Gilmore Girls"

You managed to combine and explain my obsessive love (at different points of my life- or lets be honest, my current obsessive love) for Gilmore Girls, Sayers, Community, His Girl Friday, Green, and Sondheim.

I love you.

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