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On The Letter

great piece. Renata Adler also wrote a wonderfully self indulgent book on this subject. I think I like this take better.

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On Come Celebrate the East Village's Bodegas Tomorrow

bodega cats = ratslayers

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On After The End Of Men


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On Science Is Going To Ruin Drinking

when you started going on about crippling addiction my mind was all blahblahblahbalk and then I got all powerful thirsty and grabed myself a brew and *urp* turned on Father John Misty's fucking amazing Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings and thought in what can nly be properly construed as a drunken stupor about how Aubrey Plaza in the video looks so absolutely --- man, I could use some Rye

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On N.O.R.E., "Kenny Powers"

so, in fine: Kenny Powers = Booger Sugar

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On Meek Mill Featuring Rick Ross And Yo Gotti, "Don't Panic"

This is like a postmodern PSA on dealing with the po-po.
And the moral of the story, kids? #dontpanic

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On Sex And Forgetting

fuck to forget *pffffft* been there ....

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On Chemical Apple Pie: Apple Pie Without The Apples

@Trilby I had mock apple pie made from Ritz crackers. The damn thing was uncanny

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On How Long Does Tumblr's $85 Million Last?

This blog post is harshing on my wide-eyed tumblr idealism!

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On Embrace Your Prairie Looks And Make Some Applesauce

whatever happened with the blacksmith?

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